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How Fun Casino Works

Guests must firstly be aware that this a fun casino provided for entertainment and a chance to win a prize.

We will explain to guests all they need to know to be able to play the tables.

They will be given fun money notes which they take to the tables to exchange for their chips and then the fun can begin.

Our experienced croupiers will answer any questions throughout the event so anyone can play whether they have previous experience or not.

The amount of ‘fun money’ guests receive will depend on the number of guests participating.

Guests can cash out at any time and will be written a cheque which they can choose to take to another table and cash in for more chips to continue play or keep the cheque until the gaming ends in hope they have made enough money to win the prize.

At the end of the 2.5 hours of play the person with the highest cheque value wins a prize.

We will provide a bottle of Champagne for the winner or you may choose to provide your own prize.