Football Last Man Standing


£10 to Enter

  • Choose a Team to win on that game week.
  • If your team win, you go through to the next week.
  • You cannot choose the same team again.
  • If your team draw or lose you are out.
  • It rolls over if everyone loses on the same game week.
  • New players can enter when the competition starts again, If a rollover will have to pay the same as everyone else.
  • Email me your team by 5pm on the Friday of Game Week otherwise you will be out.
  • Game week is Fixtures Friday – Monday
  • If you are eliminated in Round 1 you can re buy for another £10 and enter Round 2. However you may not select the same team again.
  • Entry fee to be paid by bank transfer.


Name Week 1 Sat 12th-14th Sep Week 2 Sat 19th Week 3 Sat 26th
Paul Scott Chelsea Arsenal Man UTD
Dave Shannon Liverpool Arsenal Chelsea
Joe Leicester Arsenal Spurs
Paul Dicko Chelsea Everton ?
Sam Liverpool Everton Chelsea
Jamie Liverpool Everton ?
Lewis Chelsea Arsenal ?
Brad Leicester Leeds ?
Mark Arsenal Leeds ?

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