Three Card Poker…

Three Card Poker…

Three Card Poker - Casino Night, Events, Hire, Scotty Fun Casino, Essex, London v42 (1)

Three Card Poker - Casino Night, Events, Hire, Scotty Fun Casino, Essex, London v42 (1)The game Three Card Poker has been around since the start of all card games better known as Poker or Three-Card Brag.

Since its invention, it has grown in popularity and three card poker is among the most well-known casino games in the world.

The game is very easy to learn and play, which has helped grow the game in stature over the years.

Unlike some casino games, three card poker is not just based on luck because there is an element of skill involved in your hand selection…

…which makes three card poker easy to play!

Three card poker fun versions were invented by Derek Webb in 1994.

It’s the version most people play when they enter their casino.

Three card poker isn’t played against other players.

Instead, in three card poker, where you play against the dealer, you have to be concerned with what cards you have and what cards the dealer has.


Three Card Poker – Strategy & Win Statistic…

The house edge is relatively small in three card poker, usually around 3.3% if you play optimally, but this edge can increase significantly with incorrect strategy.

The player probability of a win is 44.91%, push 0.06% (Draw) and a loss of 55.03%.


Three Card Poker – Rules…

  1. A player will make an ante bet and/or Pair plus bet. The minimum bet is $20 with no maximum bet.
  2. The dealer will give each player 3 cards and himself three cards. The player will look at his cards and decide to play or pass. The dealer’s cards are dealt face down so no players can see his cards.
  3. If the player made an ante bet and decides to play he must match his ante stake e.g $20 and put his cards down on the play square with $20 chip on top of his cards. The player will have a $20 ante bet and a £20 play bet.
  4. The player could fold at this stage and lose his $20 ante bet.
  5. The dealer will look at his cards and turn them over so all players can see what the dealer is holding.
  6. The dealer must have a queen high or above to qualify to play.
  7. If the dealer does not qualify then all the player’s hands will win, but you will only win the ante bet $20 and not the play bet $20. The ante bet $20 is called a push and the player will return this to his stake of chips.
  8. If the dealer qualifies (queen high or better) then the player’s hand will be compared to the dealer’s hand. The highest hand will win. The hand ranks will be shown in a table below.
  9. If the player wins and has a higher hand than the dealer both payouts will be paid. The ante bet $20 and the play bet $20 so the player will win $40.
  10. If the dealer has the higher hand then the player will lose the ante bet $20 and the play bet $20, so the player will lose $40.
  11. If the player and the dealer tie, both have Queen-high, it will go to the next card. If the 2nd card is equal it will go to the 3rd card.
  12. If this is still equal then the ante and play bets will be a push and the player will return his chips to his stake.If the player gets a straight (e.g 5,6,7) or higher than the player will receive an ante bonus, regardless of the value of the dealer’s hand.

 Ante Bet Bonus & Play Analysis…

Various Ante bet bonus payouts between Casino house rules

Hand Odds
Straight Flush 5/1
Three of a kind 4/1
Straight 1/1


  1. The Pair Plus bet is a separate bet, this bet is not against the dealer it’s what value of cards is in the player’s hand. The below table will show the odds
Hand Odds Combinations Probability
Pair 2/1 3744 0.169412%
Flush 4/1 1096 0.049593%
Straight 6/1 720 0.032579%
Three of a kind 25/1 52 0.002353%
Straight Flush 50/1 48 0.002172%

14. if a player bets $20 on the pair plus and gets a pair the return will be $40 plus his $20 stake.


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